Love’s Revolving Door

A dingles original, released in April 2022. Words, music & performance © 2022

Love’s Revolving Door (full version with guitar solos)
Love’s Revolving Door (short version)

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Steve Grandinetti: Vocal (v1 & harmonies), guitar (solo 1), music compositionTom Reu: Vocal (v2 & harmonies), guitar Bob Parlock: Vocal (v3 & harmonies), drums, guitar (solo 2), synth strings, mixingJem Treadwell: Narration, harmonica, words

Love’s Revolving Door

I could play a little music
Sing a little song
And in the words I’d write about
The ways that we went wrong
You would listen carefully
And then we’d know for sure
How the magic turned to memories
In love’s revolving door

The magic turned to memories
In love’s revolving door

Lately I’ve been waking up
To thoughts of slowing down
The ins and outs, the endless doubts
Have turned our lives around

We could drink a little coffee
Taste the bitter tears
You could talk of disappointment
How we wasted seven years
I would listen carefully
And beg for seven more
Then I’d exit gracefully
Through love’s revolving door

I’d exit very gracefully
Through love’s revolving doo

Now we can talk of destiny
What fate might hold in store
But in the end we all depend
On love’s revolving door

I could plan a little travel
Say a little prayer
I’d learn to love my liberty
But wish that you were there
Then I’d move on carefully
‘Cos that’s what life is for
I’d find another way to walk
Through love’s revolving door

We’d both find different ways to walk
Through love’s revolving door

The magic turned to memories
In love’s revolving door

Lyrics copyright © 2021 Jem Treadwell/